Welcome to Southern Maryland Gives!


Southern Maryland is a great place to live.

People who live here are hard-working, generous, and dedicated. Our area is rich in natural resources and enjoys a thriving economy. We also benefit from large network of nonprofit organizations who meet our region’s critical services and most basic needs.

Our nonprofit organizations are well positioned to create opportunity and solutions to local challenges. However, one thing all 501(c)(3)s have in common is the need for ongoing financial support to make their mission a reality or finance special one-time projects.


We pride ourselves on being good neighbors but sometimes we don’t know what the needs are or how to support local efforts.

But we know it feels good to give back. Giving back not only enriches our lives and the beneficiary but it helps make our hometown a better place for all of us.

Southern Maryland Gives, an online fundraising platform powered by Razoo and sponsored by the Nonprofit Institute at the College of Southern Maryland (CSM), was launched in the spring of 2015 to foster the spirit of giving back to our beloved Southern Maryland community.


The online Southern Maryland Gives portal search option easily connects you to participating local nonprofit organizations by name or mission category 24 hours a day.

In addition, the Southern Maryland Gives home page highlights special fundraisers each month. These one-time fundraising projects will introduce you to new organizations taking the guesswork out of where to direct your donation for immediate impact.

We want to make giving back easy. We’re inviting people of all ages and any size wallet to participate. This one-stop giving portal allows you to make a quick, secure donation to local nonprofits working hard to better Southern Maryland.

Join the home team. Visit Southern Maryland Gives often.

Support your favorite causes or discover a new one.

Live Here. Give Here. It feels good.


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